The Chinese patient experience!

After reading the Blog from 12th June, I unfortunately got an infection from these mosquito-bites evidently from scratching, oops! (however, this is human-nature, and everyone does this) This group of friends have been so supportive in helping me to feel better, as unfortunately I missed yesterday but as they say you must listen to your body, however it was nice to be able to speak to my partner and family back at home to help with the home-sickness. I do feel this experience has been a great challenge but has really opened my eyes to further reality. On a positive note, I attended the fifth hospital and got to live through the patient experience in China! I was assessed, prescribed, and collected my medication within half an hour, which this time-frame is amazing compared to back at home! I am now feeling so much better and can continue to participate in all the activities to the best of my abilities with my fellow students.

We started the wonderful day by attending the Petroleum University, where we were treated like royalty by being presented with traditional Chinese tea as-well as the continuous kindness from the students and teachers. They really cannot do enough for us! We were sat at the centre of the room with help or questions being a smile away. During this session, we exchanged information regarding our different cultures, it was very interesting to compare the two. The opportunity arisen to watch their diverse talents including: calligraphy, drawing, martial-arts, tea-making as-well as wearing there best beautiful dresses in honour of our presence. Within this session, we got to play a ‘Chopstick game’ where a competition entails who can manoeuvre the most peanuts from one bowl to the other, this was so much fun! The students really enjoyed teaching us to practice their talents as-well as us, in which this has given us a different perspective on life itself. At the end of the ceremony, two of our colleagues made a wonderful speech to show them our full appreciation of making us all feel honoured, respected and comfortable. We each got provided a small painting as a token of their happiness to have us here.  We then got to have lunch in the canteen, where they even had chips! Which tasted amazing.

Afterwards, we received the opportunity to attend a huge shopping-mall, which was three-floors even bigger than the Trafford centre! They had, a variety of different shops with Chinese cultural souvenirs as-well as a McDonalds and Pizza-hut! There was even an arcade where some of us spent around an hour at, the virtual-reality was only worth two-pound each go, which was unreal. Also, Green-tea Frappuccino is the one to order when visiting Starbucks in China, as it is a real hit. Wandering around the mall, we also noticed with it being the year of the pig, there was a lot of ‘Peppa-pig’ merchandise around in most of the shops.

The wetlands were next on the schedule, which was perfect as it was very peaceful, quiet and allowed us all to relax, process everything so far and see some nature, According to Yang, around 200 different species of birds can come to this place within the spring time. It was a photogenic place to be! We were honoured to have dinner with the Chinese students and tutors. Words cannot describe how crazy, great, and fun the atmosphere was combining both of our cultures together, especially after rice-wine! There was laughs, jokes, games and even singing during our time at this restaurant, we really have built a very special unbreakable bond.

Riding in style!

Blog post by Hannah Schofield on Friday 14th June