Off we go!

Welcome to the Edge Hill 2019 Liverpool to Daqing blog!

A journey of smiles, cultures and tasty foods! To begin an introduction to exactly what’s going on.

Edge Hill University has long standing connections with Harbin Medical University, located in North Eastern China, a two hour flight from the capital city, Beijing. To celebrate this connection, yearly 10 students from Edge Hill University travel over to the Harbin Medical University campus located in Daqing.  This is their Story!

We began our journey in Manchester,  half asleep but still excited for the adventure ahead. Unaware that the next 24 hours would be absolutely shattering. We got on the first flight from Manchester to Amsterdam and as we came in to land we were greeted by the most horrific turbulence, with the plane bouncing and shuddering, which was more exciting then mortifying for one of our team whose first ever flight it was!

On our final flight towards Daiqing we were faced with the challenge of our first true Chinese food, Fermented Egg. Left to rot and ferment to perfection, they are then vacuum sealed to provide the customer with a true delicacy. Only one of team had the courage to indulge themselves with this delight and I have been informed that its taste is impossible to put into the words, but it has the ability to make your eyes water and put you off eating eggs for life!

Once we landed in Daqing, after 24 hours of solid travelling, we were greeted with smiles by the guides from Harbin University and the next step of our adventure began…

Off we go!

Blog post by Michael Dobson – 9th June 2019

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